5 Amazing Tips When Hiring Airport Car Rentals

By Gregg on about misc

Travelling can be exhausting, more so after several hours of flight. There is heavy luggage to carry and a large family to ferry around into interior islands and bays. Epic Rentals- Kerikeri Airport understands that you’re not only looking for comfort and professionalism, but also value for your money. Here are 5 amazing tips that will come in handy on your next airport car rental.

Compare airport car rental options.
Go for a car rental that has a wide variety of well-maintained cars as this betters your chance of getting the car that suits you best. Check for affordable pricing and offers with minimal extra charge. They should have impeccable customer service support and flexible drop off and pick up options. Get the best deal from your airport car rental.

Inspect the car before driving away.
After deciding on what car to rent, it’s important to thoroughly inspect the car to ensure there are no damages. If you find damage that is not on the car condition form, no matter how small, notify the rental company. This protects you for paying for damage not caused by you.

Choose a car that will best accommodate you.
When choosing a car, you should consider factors like price, size and fuel tank capacity. Go for a car that is environmental friendly. If you have a hard time driving a manual car, no one will judge you for picking an automatic.

Read terms and CONDITIONS of the hire.
Always check for the restrictions stipulated in the car hire form. Before filling out the paper work, go through the terms and condition to avoid penalties.

Always return the car on time.
To avoid being charged, you should return the car a few minute before it is due and in perfect condition. Drive carefully and ensure no damage occurs to the car. When not able to drive, one could hire a driver.

While traveling is exhausting, lack of transportation means is even worse. Airport car rentals are there to make you vacation or business trip worth the while. The above tips will help you get the best out of airport car rentals.